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Marriage Counseling Fort Wayne

Welcome to the one and only marriage counseling Fort Wayne! We are happy you are here. Have you been feeling the stress and responsibilities of life take a toll on your relationship or marriage? We understand. Call so that we may help you today.

With our fabulous and well trained therapists you will start to see those worries and struggles begin to fade and hopefully be soon to be diminished. Our therapists help you to solve some of your greatest and most challenging circumstances.

At marriage counseling Fort Wayne we have many different relationship therapy options available. We offer to you pre marriage counseling, couples therapy Fort Wayne, and much more.

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Marriage Counseling Fort Wayne

fort wayne marriage counseling

Many people ask, “Does couples counseling help”? Well let us tell you this. Have you ever experienced difficult relationships or in laws, family member drama, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, having a baby, parenting a child, blended families, lies, an affair, and the list goes on.

If you answered yes to any of those, then yes.

Couples counseling Fort Wayne will help you tremendously. You will see great value in our services and it is for you.

Marriage counseling Fort Wayne is best at what we do because we have worked with members of our community right here that have struggled or are currently struggling and dealing with one or more of these issues.

We have helped so many couples. We have helped so many engaged couples or soon to be engaged couples with premarital counseling. We have seen a change in their lives by increasing their awareness and their knowledge of things around them.

We put a big emphasis and strongly value honesty. We believe honesty truly makes a better world. By being honest as a company, clients are honest with us. That is how we are able to make sure an impact on the community around us. We pride ourselves in that and hope others appreciate it just as much.

Why Choose Us?

Let me tell you why you would want to choose us. After years of working with many different types of people we have realized one thing. That is that what we do here at marriage counseling Fort Wayne works and changes lives.

Couples have joined at heart and mind from attending our marriage counseling Fort Wayne Indiana. We provide services to anyone who is seeking it out. We do not judge and make it a priority for our clients to feel at peace and comfort when they come here.

We understand that when seeking out marriage counseling near me it is typically at a sensitive and very vulnerable time in your life. Things have gone wrong or are heading in that downward direction and that is why you are seeking help. We admire your strength and always want you to sense and know that.

Some important aspects of our company that we believe it is key for you to know are these:

Get You In Quickly

We respond promptly to appointment setting.

Personalized Care

We cater each session to your counseling needs.

Licensed Therapists

We have the top trained therapists and counselors.

Lots of Counseling Services

We have a variety of counseling services and counselors for you

Therapy Goals

Setting goals is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome.

  • We offer many different types of couples therapy
  • We offer relationship counseling
  • We offer couples counseling.
  • We offer marriage counseling.
  • Our therapists have all acquired a masters degree and are current.
  • We offer couples therapy near me.

Call now and schedule an appointment in a department that meets your needs. You will not be disappointed.

What To Expect?

We are a facility that is based on our clients. Their success is our greatest success. We find joy in meeting couples who learn more of themselves and in turn, learn more of each other and grow tremendously in their relationships.

About 50% of first marriages end in divorce. We will do everything we can to be a solution that can assist in lessening that percentage. We know that differences in personalities become loud after being married for some time. People learn to focus on those rather than focusing on why they fell in love, or the positive qualities of each other.

We want to make it clear that we are here to help you find joy and success in your


During your first session or two our marriage counselor Fort Wayne will get to know you and your partner. In return, you get the opportunity to get to know your couples counseling near me.

This helps to build trust and a foundation for the rest of your sessions. From there you will talk about why you are there and learn how to implement new processes. Each session from there you will reflect on how the week went.

What went well, what went really not well, and ways in which you can improve. Each week you will learn new instruments that will be a wonderful resource in your growth as a couple as you implement these. You will love what you learn and will want to share it with everyone you know.

fort wayne couples therapy


Many of our clients realize that marriage is not what they were expecting. Or they have fallen victim to not having the tools to work in a healthy manner through their issues.

This is why we offer pre marriage counseling. Everyone can benefit from this and we highly recommend it.

If you are one of those that have experienced broken or not met expectations then our couples therapy that we offer will be more fitting for you.

You will learn why your marriage is not where you thought it would be and teach you just how to work on how to get it closer to what you had imagined.

Premarital Counseling

The purpose of premarital counseling is to make sure you are ready for marriage. There is nothing worse than going into a marriage thinking it is going to be one way and then being in your marriage realizing it is totally different then what you had imagined.

Believe it or not, this is what many of our clients experience. In premarital counseling you will go over what the future looks like and holds. You will talk about your upbringings and how that has shaped your spouse and you into who you are and why you do things the way you do.

This way you will have much higher odds of having a fun, happy and thriving relationship.

Couples Counseling Fort Wayne IN

While attending marriage counseling in Fort Wayne Indiana you will obtain the strategies to work on your many differences throughout your relationship. You will build a stronger bond together.

You will gain confidence to soar through the rest of your years together as you rebuild trust, acquire understanding, and learn how to properly meet each other's expectations.

About Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is a city located west of Ohio, with only a short 18 miles dividing them. Fort Wayne has a population of nearly 240,000 people. This beautiful city has 3 rivers flowing through it that all combine at one point.

There are many buildings here with fabulous architectural design. Be sure to always have your eyes appealed.

If you love all four seasons with moderate winters then this is your place! We have spring, summer, fall and winter all typically being pretty moderate.

We have the best thunderstorms, with flashing views of lightning storms.

We have a wide array of religious preference here and even with that nearly half of our residents identify as religious.

We have one of the best zoos in the country. This is a large attraction for anyone and everyone. It is a great fun place for all.

Our top cities that surround us are these:

  1. New Haven, IN
  2. Huntertown, IN
  3. Garrett, IN
  4. Leo, IN
  5. Churubusco, IN
  6. Hoagland, IN
  7. Roanoke, IN
  8. Laotto, IN
  9. Grabill, IN

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

Will I have to answer personal questions?

No. You will never have to share any information that you are not comfortable with. Each couples therapy or marriage therapy session will be at your pace. Our therapists are very magnificent at helping you to grow and work through your challenges without putting you in any uncomfortable situations.

Will I receive homework?

You will want to practice all of the tools you are given. Each of our therapists will give you strategies in which you may use to help strengthen your relationship and help your thought processes. That being said, you will not be punished for not practicing them. It is only for your growth and knowledge.

Will we work on our specific marriage problems?

Yes. We will go over what it is that is troubling you and your significant other in your relationship. From there we will talk about ways you may go about resolving them. Our therapists are highly trusted and keep all of their work strictly confidential. For that reason you will always feel safe, which will make it much easier to talk openly about what is troubling you and your spouse.

Is relationship therapy expensive?

No. We know that our work has incredible value. For that, we do our best at making it affordable to all. We want it to be possible for everyone to get the advantage of couples counseling.

Client Testimonials

My relationship was on the verge of ending when I eventually gave in and decided to give some marriage therapy a shot. Boy oh boy am I thankful I did. We are now laughing and flirting everyday. We could not have done it without our marriage counselor Fort Wayne.

Rachel Tuff

Our trust levels in our marriage have hit a whole new level. We share our feelings with each other way more often, knowing that we are not ever intentionally hurting each other, but rather figuring out the current situation we are in. The tools we learned from our sessions are ones that we frequently use now!

Leah Noble

We only went to two pre marriage counseling sessions and they were very beneficial for our relationship. We learned we have a few things to work on and are aware of now before and as we head into beginning a marriage.

Shawn Gappin

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Are you ready to make the leap into creating a marriage or relationship that is built on a solid foundation and ready to take on the waves and winds that relationships naturally bring? Do not hesitate and call us today.

Don’t let the unsure future, unresolved issues, and feelings of hopelessness overcome the feelings that you have the ability to experience. A bright future, a unified relationship, and joy and happiness in your relationship.

Choose a marriage counselor Fort Wayne and let them be a part in giving you the best marriage advice you have yet received. You may either fill out this form online or give us a call to get started. .

We offer premarital counseling and relationship counseling here at marriage counseling Fort Wayne.

We would love to have you join us.

Marriage Counseling Fort Wayne

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